Monday, 28 July 2008


We're a bit stressed.

Our finances are under enormous strain. Every cent we can pull out of the bank accounts is going to the renovators, and even so we are having to pay the guys off in installments. Our normal living expenses are all going on credit card, and the debt is getting scarey. We are paying a mortgage, rent and storage on top of everything else. According to my calculations, once we move into the new house we will be paying off the credit card for at least two months, after which we need to save up for the continuation of the renovations. Everything up to now has just been to get us living in the house, we haven't even started on the extension. We have no kitchen. I can see daylight through the living room roof. Our backyard is unusable. Wah!

Milord hates the word "No" and I am having to use it far too often lately. Of course I want to buy everything, but we can't afford to, and I think a dishwasher is more important than a new plasma tv. A fridge is more important than a new bbq. Cupboards are more important than a spa tub. We do not necessarily agree. Milord's priority right now is get us into the house, and we are hitting obstacles every way we turn. He's freaking out and it doesn't help when I nag and complain about what is happening.

I have one week left on my contract. I don't know if they are going to extend it, and I absolutely cannot afford to be out of work right now. I look at our shocking budget and try to imagine it without my substantial contribution. Not pretty. Not possible. I know I'll find work easily if I don't get an extension, but even a week or two out of a job will knock us hard.

We both react to stress by leaning on food and drink. This has caused us both to gain weight and we're both feeling a bit unattractive and lethargic. And then we bemoan the cost of the food and wine we're getting through. This past weekend we mostly slept and watched tv. When we did leave the house it was to shop for the new house, or to go out for a pub meal.

We're also supposed to be trying to a baby, but the stress, drink and lethargy is putting a spanner in those works. So I'm cranky about that too.

We're not much fun to be around at the moment!

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Suzanne said...

Hang in there! You're dealing with some pretty stressful things: newlyweds, buying a home, then renovating it and a possible job change?

Girl, take a deep breath and relax. Years from now, you'll laugh at how much you accomplished at once.

Thinking good thoughts for you.