Saturday, 19 July 2008

Money Pit

I'm getting very tired of pouring money into the new house. It's putting a huge strain on Milord and me too as he tries to finish the damn thing off and I try to close the purse strings. Yeesh, not pretty.

I don't have any good pictures of the new wood floors or freshly painted walls because the place is covered up with floor protection and full of builder's mess. Today I get the glorious job of helping to carry rubble and other delightful goodies to the skip outside.

Oh well, at least the floor is in and the walls are getting painted. I hear we have lighting now too. Our bathroom tiles are still AWOL and the plumber is MIA. Whose idea was this anyway?

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Suzanne said...

Hmm, I've been there. Just picture yourself in that soaking tub with a nice glass of red wine and a good book. It WILL happen-make it your zone! :)