Tuesday, 22 July 2008

World Youth Day: why are you still here?!

Yesterday Milord and I came in to work together and we commented on how nice it was to have the streets clear of pilgrims. No roads closed, busses back to normal, sidewalks empty of non-suits - lovely.

Turns out they may just have been sleeping late... at lunchtime I took a walk to my nearest big park. Called "The Domain" it is a big green park on the edge of the botanical gardens, and at lunchtime is usually full of folk eating sandwiches in the sun, or doing a bit of boot camp or jogging. My intention was to grab a coffee and soak up some rays, as it was bitterly cold in the shade.

As I got close to the park I saw a clump of pilgrims. "What are they still doing in town?" I wondered as I gave them a wide berth. At the end of the street I ducked between a few old buildings and emerged at the edge of the park. Which was utterly overrun with the dratted pilgrims - thousands of them! They were behind a temporary fence, so I guess you needed a ticket to get in there. As it was I stood outside the fence for quite some time gazing on the spectacle. Not unlike being at the zoo.

I spotted some Saffa freaks so took a picture:

The atmosphere seemed cheerful. Singing and drumming and chanting and waving flags and parading... But seriously: what are they still doing here? I thought the WYD stuff was over. Isn't it time these people went home, or at least did a road trip to Queensland in search of warm weather? Go on - shoo! Get out of my city!

One of the funniest things I saw though was a boot camp trying to continue as normal in a tiny un-fenced bit of the park, right alongside all the festivities!

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