Wednesday, 9 July 2008


It looks like we may be in our house before the end of the month! Squee!

The (pale gum) wood flooring goes in tomorrow! Next week we can get the interior walls and ceilings painted (cream) and the skirting boards (white) put on; then we can get the floor sanded and lacquered; and then we can start moving our stuff out of storage into the house. The plumber is there today trying to finish stuff before the floor goes down (after which he'll have to wriggle under the floor, heh). Our bathroom is still a couple of weeks away because we're waiting for the dratted tiles, but the moment that's finished we will move in. Electrical sockets and light fittings (halogen downlights) will be finished in between the rest of it. It's all go go go!

Then we'll be camping in our new house. We will be borrowing old curtains from friends to cover the bedroom windows until we can afford plantation shutters. We're going to set up a kitchen sink in an old table against the wall and have a rented stove just free standing until we can afford the new kitchen. It'll be fine. Provided it is warm and clean I can handle just about anything!

Milord is totally stressed as he's project managing the thing. I wonder if I was this cranky when I was planning the wedding? Hmmm. Don't answer that!

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Canadian Girl said...

Nice to know the end is in sight. Photos would be appreciated (hint, hint!)