Thursday, 24 July 2008

Drinking is bad for your health

Last Sunday Milord and I had a glorious lazy day. Ok, so that's true of most weekends lately. Shut up.

We stayed in bed reading the newspapers with coffee until midday, then threw ourselves in the shower and went looking for lunch. We walked into Leichart, the next suburb, which has a predominantly Italian population. Obviously we were looking for Italian food! There's a shopping/eating/apartment block at one end of the high street called the Italian Forum, all built around a central courtyard that reminds us both slightly of St Mark's square in Venice. The restaurants spill out onto the courtyard and small children run riot in the middle.

We found a table that was both outside and tucked away from the crowd, and close enough to the gas heater that we were comfortable. We ordered a bottle of champagne and a plate of antipasto and settled back to watch the world go by. When the wine waiter returned he had a shadow - he was obviously training a newbie and I listened with half an ear to the knowledge he was imparting. I spent several years waitressing while at uni - it was an interesting life lesson and I hope never to have to do it again! I'm not sure I could now actually... when I first moved to London I did a bit of waitressing until I found real work and it drove me nuts... I've been a "professional" for too long!

After the wine waiter had poured us a mere dribble of champagne (sacrilege!) and took his shadow away Milord topped our glasses up to the top and commented on the teaching. "What bollocks!" he said. "'Point the bottle away from the customer because it might go off!' Rubbish. Where do they get this stuff?"

I laughed. "I once shot myself in the eye with a champagne cork while waitressing."
"Wow, really?!"
"Yep, and to this day I don't bend over the bottle when I'm opening it!"

Life lessons indeed! What small but important lessons have you taken away from your college jobs?

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