Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What (was) for dinner Wednesday

I have had Milord on cooking duty a lot recently. I'm working long hours at the moment so organising the evening meal is a pain in the butt. He doesn't mind cooking and in fact is really good at it - I'd say the only thing he doesn't do is plan ahead. I think it's a guy/girl thing: when I am picking up the Sunday lunch groceries on the weekend I'll also have about 4 other meal plans in my head for the week ahead and I'll get the staples for them too. Milord will only decide on a meal once he's home from work and then he'll have to get everything at that point. Anyway.

The other day Milord made his first ever paella! We took the recipe from the internet and I can't find it now, but this is close. In fact now that I look at it it's probably better than the one we used! The changes we made were to use a seafood mix we already had in the freezer, so there were no shells to fiddle with. And we forgot to get peas - no great loss! We only used one cup of rice and 3 cups of stock and there was enough left over for Milord's lunch the next day.

It was far easier to make than I expected, and really delicious (Kat, you could substitute chicken for fish if you wanted to). Here's a picure:

It's surprisingly hard to photograph food so that it looks yummy. That chilli was on Milord's portion. "They're not hot!" he said before chomping one... turns out they were, rather!


Kat said...

Paul is exactly the same - he only ever shops for what he needs that day! Things will be changing :)

Was it a seafood paella you and milord shared when we went to Watsons? I just remember how messy that was!!

Suzanne said...

I agree, sometimes the pictures don't do the food justice.

I'll have to try that one, my seafood freak would love it.