Thursday, 3 July 2008


Before I begin, if you have issues with weight-loss (or just fancy another perspective) go check out 15 Minute Lunch this week. It'll give you a giggle. I wonder if generations to come will look at what we do to ourselves today and go "WTF?"... I just bet they do. I now have "slap that fat!" stuck in my head.

I started this week totally bummed. All weekend I had been lethargic, just wanting to eat junk and drink booze and sleep in spite of the glorious clear crisp weather outside. Everything was too much effort, and after Milord kept me awake most of Sunday night with snoring I didn't even bother to go into work on Monday. I felt like rubbish. I was grumping my way in to town on Tuesday preparing a litany of woes to blog about when I realised I was being stupid. There is nothing wrong with my life. I earn a fortune, I am newlywed to a man who spoils me, I'm about to move into a house shaped to my specification, I am disgustingly healthy, I live in Sydney, it hasn't rained in weeks, and people around the globe care about me.

So why do I feel so rotten? Yes I have a few annoyances but they're hardly biggies. It's not my TOTM. Milord's been cranky but he always is when I am.

So what else? Perhaps it's the garbage I've been pouring into myself lately. The snacks, the wine, the carbs and savouries and sweets... hasn't my weight been creeping insidiously upward? Don't I have a spreading spare tire? Aren't I a bit of an alcoholic?

Time for a detox! Nothing radical, just cut out the bad stuff for a few days. So instead of a sandwich for lunch I have a simple salad, and I snack on lots of fruit. Replace normal tea with chamomile. Drink a litre of fresh fruit juice in addition to the usual litre of water during the day. Stop wine. I still have a slice of seed bread toast with a cup of coffee in the morning, and Milord is on cooking duty all week and has been conjuring with seafood for dinner. Salmon risotto last night and clam pasta tonight... mmm.

It seems to be working. I sleep better, I feel brighter, I've lost a little weight - and as I cheer up so does Milord... funny that! On Friday night we have a date at a steakhouse (3rd month married!) and will fall back off the wagon, but I think my body is enjoying the break for now.

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louise said...

OMG! I have just had a week like that too (Not the first either). Anyway, I think it comes down to exercise but I might try a detox too.
PS just came across your blog today, was enticed by the saffa chick name! i'm a saffa chick too but living in cape town ;-)