Thursday, 17 July 2008

World Youth Day: today

World Youth Day is apon us. Whee. Woot. Squee. Pish. Pfft.
("Bah humbug" said a girlfriend of mine this morning, and she's catholic so I'm allowed to be snarky I reckon)

Pilgrims were swarming in Sydney on my way to work this morning, but when I popped out to the gym a little while ago it was strangely quiet. Just us suits and lots and lots of police... I think the pope is on the move - the TV screens in the cardio room (yes! I broke 31 min for my 5km run!) showed him on a boat - and all the pilgrims must be over thattaway.

I think his motorcade passes through the city later this afternoon, hitting the CBD (where I am) just as people want to go home. Way to thrill the workers, dude. "Luckily" I'm babysitting the testers tonight so I should miss the worst of it.

Hey I was wondering... it's full moon tonight (I noticed this last night because I had to walk home in the dark because my busses are screwed right now. Damn catholics). Did they take that into account when planning WYD, like for Easter? Why does Easter follow the moon phases anyway? Yes I know it's a pagan thing, but I don't get it.

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