Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Latest House Update

Original house pics here

Our house is now quite close to being finished, although that's a bit hard to tell at the moment! We still need flooring, painting, hot water and the bathroom installed. Plus a temporary kitchen sink and stove point to tide us over until we can afford the next stage of renovations... mid-summer I hope. Don't worry if the place looks awful to you, you need a lot of imagination to envision the warm, light, airy, modern place it is going to be!

The main living room is going to be raised level with the rest of the house this week, and then we will put in a temporary plywood floor until we extend the back wall by a couple of metres. We will put polished wood floors in the bedrooms and corridor now though and finish them off.

We are waiting for our bathroom tiles to turn up too. Somehow we ordered tiles that have to come from Italy! and they are on a ship... huh. That's our biggest hold-up, as Milord has promised me that we will not move in until the bathroom is finished. The thought of using the disgusting, cold and draughty shower room out the back is quite horrifying!

With no further ado - house pics!


Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2:



Living Room:


While I'm sharing photos, how about I give you an idea of our street? These are the houses over the road - quite cute really.

This is looking up the road towards the high street. That church marks the start of the shopping strip, and a really excellent coffee shop is on the corner.

A little way down the road from our house is sweet little park:

And this is how low the planes overhead get sometimes! Luckily not all the time - the bulk of them pass about a kilometer to the east.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the old pics and now at the new ones you've posted. It is going to look fantastic. Nice open and flowing areas inside the house. And ideally situated. Hopefully not that long to go! Mads

Suzanne said...

Coming along fantastic! That window in the bathroom will be great for when you're having a nice soak in the tub.

What a great neighborhood, too!