Friday, 4 January 2008


Search terms which brought people to my blog:

USA, 24 Dec: "preparing for a juice fast"
I just love that you're considering prepping for a juice fast on xmas eve! That good eh? Actually I get quite a few hits on juice fasting, but I'll only comment about them if they're unusual.

USA, 26 Dec: "ow! my armpits itch"
Canada, 2 Jan: "itchy nipple hot tub"

I see it's the people in cold countries coming in with these searches... Dude, disinfect your hot tub! Stuff grows in the warm, dark, moist environments - and don't forget the cover as it clings there too. Ick. I'm not sure I ever want to soak in a spa tub again!

That's it, nothing very interesting this week. Maybe I should swear more? (Hi Dad)

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