Tuesday, 15 January 2008

12 weeks...

Weekly weighing day... actually the scale's been pretty good to me in spite of all the champagne that got guzzled over the weekend! 70.9kg today.

I was really really good last week once we got past our anniversary. I kept under my Weightwatchers points, visited the gym 3 times and walked home 3 times. I was doing pretty well on Saturday too until we got home and started celebrating!

Saturday night we told family, and on Sunday we started telling friends. By Sunday evening our house was full of wellwishers, and although everyone was gone by 9pm I'd had far too much to drink and Monday was rather hard work!

I got home last night with every intention of being asleep early, but then the emails started flooding in from everyone in the UK and South Africa who'd just logged on to their email or checked my blog ;-). I did get into bed by 10pm, turned off the light and stretched out expecting oblivion. Shortly before midnight I got up for a cup of herbal tea to see if that would help... I think I finally dropped off around 2am, and had wierd dreams to do with weddings. Think something might be on my mind?

Now then, we're trying to get married as soon as possible because winter (which is nasty in Cape Town) is coming and I don't want to wait for next summer for our wedding. I'm gunning for the first week in April if I can find a venue... now I have to wait for South Africa to wake up again before I can book anything! I hate this time difference thing!

If we get the date I want we will be married in 12 weeks time! Wow.

If I stick to my Weightwatchers and lose half a kilo a week then I'll hit goal on my wedding day! How's that for an incentive? Think I can do it?

Oh I'm so excited...

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Grumpy Chair said...

I know you can do it!