Wednesday, 30 January 2008

9 Weeks

70.8kg. Oooops

That was a rather huge long weekend! It was Australia day on Saturday and we had Monday as a holiday. I think the only time I stopped eating and drinking was when I was asleep. It could be worse - Milord gained over 2kg in 3 days! He says he's bloated... I think he's been listening to my own excuses for too long!
Edit: He's lost 2kg overnight! I guess he was bloated... sadly I only lost 0.2kg overnight, wah.

We're on salads for the rest of the week. Luckily I like salad ;-).

So, what happened this past weekend? Friday afternoon Milord played golf, and I joined him after work. I had volunteered to drive us home so was doing ok until we got home and opened a bottle or two of wine... well I had to catch up you know!

On Saturday - Australia Day - we joined a group of friends at a picnic spot overlooking the city, Opera House and Harbour Bridge. We watched ferry races, tall ship races, fly-bys and parachuting displays. It was a blazing hot day and while the 3 girls huddled under a beach umbrella the 3 boys moved under a tree a little way away. They also took the cooler boxes into the shade with them. In hindsight this may have been a bad thing as the boys were practically legless by mid afternoon! The two girls I was sitting with were not drinking as one was driving and the other is pregnant, and I was taking it easy - in fact I fell asleep for a while! When I woke from my nap and wandered over to Milord for a refill I was startled to discover "we" had finished 3 bottles of wine... plus assorted beers. Hmm. I'm not going to go into details, but let's just say that things got a bit messy after that and Milord woke up alone in the spare room feeling rotten on Sunday!

I wasn't too bad on Sunday myself, and went out for a short run. When I came home Milord was up and about, in a slow-motion sort of way if you know what I mean! At midday I dragged him out for a sushi lunch and a glass of wine which helped a lot... and then we went ring shopping!

I wasn't sure what I wanted, which metal, which stone, which setting or anything, so I thought we'd just go into a couple of jewelery stores and try things on. Milord's favourite jeweler is Tiffany's, so we started there. Wow. I realise now that I have no idea about jewelery! It doesn't mean much to me so I've never even window-shopped and the prices took my breath away. We ended up spending a month's salary for both of us... but they're gorgeous!

I tried on gold and platinum rings, and while they both look good on me the gold one really shows up the diamonds. This is my engagement ring:


Then we tried wedding bands. Gold looks wrong with Milord's skin tone, so he chose a platinum wedding band. The platinum band on me looked silly next to the engagement ring as it was too flat, so I said I'd just have the one ring as a combined engagement and wedding ring. Milord wasn't having that (isn't he great?), and after a bit of insisting we settled on this as my wedding band:

double phwoar!

You should see them worn together - fab! And then Milord's platinum ring works with mine too. Ooh I'm so happy!

I don't actually have them yet - to get our GST back we're going to pick them up just before we fly to South Africa and then they are duty free! Sneaky eh, but 10% of what they're costing is not to be sneezed at! I do wish I had my engagement ring now, but it's not too long to wait ;-)

So then we went to the pub to celebrate buying our rings... The rest of Sunday was a write off!

On Monday Milord and I went into town to finalise our gift list, so that's done. Then we headed for Chinatown for a Dim Sim lunch, but got sidetracked into a Tapas bar instead (Kat, I thought of you!). Several nibbly dishes and a bottle of wine later we headed home to relax on the couch with the papers... but then we were summoned to the pub for a few drinks. Once we got home again I gorged on too much bread and cheese and fell asleep on the couch.

Detox! Detox!

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