Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Here we are at the start of a new year. I have a very good feeling about this one!

It was a very busy and very social festive week-and-a-bit. We threw a barbeque for 25 people on Xmas eve, went over to a friend's the next day for a late Xmas dinner which carried on into the early hours, travelled up the coast for a night so that milord could play golf with his cousins, then went a couple of hours towards Canberra for two nights over New Year's to stay with friends where we lived on champagne and cold ham and I had more than my fill of small children.

I am utterly exhausted, broke, back at work, and looking forward to a couple of days detox before a good friend's wedding on Saturday. She's Irish, so has hired a property out in the bush so that the party can continue all night and into the next day. We're going to be camping, which is interesting... I have never pitched a tent in dress and heels before!

Here's a shot of my first ever Xmas tree... I have to get myself a decent tripod - I really don't suit being viewed from knee-height! Milord turned out ok though, maybe because he's squatting down. Isn't that the cutest tree ever? The presents totally dwarf it. Most of those are for me too har har...

Milord got me several excellent books for xmas, as well as quite a bit of very good sports gear. I got the giggles after the third jogging/gym item and asked if he was trying to tell me something! It's all stuff I had hinted madly about, and I'm very chuffed. Almost everything I got him was along a photograph theme... I got hold of some lovely old wedding photos of his parents and framed them, and framed some fun pictures of us diving, flying and looking generally good. I also managed to collect pictures of all the children of his friends and family around the world and made them into a calendar, because Rob loves children and adores those of his mates - he's godfather to several! He was very pleased.

We also scored spice pots and cookbooks from friends, which was nice. And some less nice wierd knicknacks and chunky jewelery... that I don't wear. These folk have seen me around for nearly two years and I never wear more than a delicate chain or tiny earrings, and they keep giving me huge beady stuff. Must be an Aussie thing. Ah well, better than the big lavender gift pack and Sydney harbour placemats I got last year and still can't get rid of! Some of the naffer stuff might find its way to the charity shop soon I reckon.

The weather over Xmas was cool and wet and over New Years it was lovely and hot at last... very pleasant.

And weight-wise? Well, I was trying to be good most of the time! I managed to get to the gym a couple of times over the holiday, and on non-party days we stuck to salads where possible. I hopped on the scale between Xmas and New Years and it said I hadn't gained so that was fantastic! I haven't braved the scale since my champagne and ham marathon though. What is it with Aussies and cold ham after Xmas? I don't even like the stuff that much but that's all there was for several days... I snuck out to the village for a salad lunch and a bag of apples on New Years Eve-day because I was sick of bread and ham and cheese. Bleah.

Today I am on fruit only, and loving it. I have discovered sun-dried tomatoes as a snack too - they are kind of savoury so hit the spot. Obviously not the ones in oil though! So if tomatoes are point-free on Weightwatchers, are the dried ones free too? I can't seem to find non-oily dried tomatoes on the site to check... what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Yay that the sun came out and it finally got warm!! I was feeling for you when you kept saying it was wet and not at all summery!

We were expecting a bit of snow today but whilst they have it up north I think it has missed us (no surprise there then!).