Thursday, 3 January 2008

First Diet Post of the Year

I'm going to stop numbering these because I'm losing track...

Oooh, not good. Evil ham and champagne! Ok, fessing up (deep breath) .... 71.8kg. Up almost a kilo since last week, which is a annoying but not a surprise.

And I feel rotten today: headache, puffy, creaky, tired. I had plenty of sleep and no booze and only fruit and salad yesterday - I reckon I'm detoxing and that's why I feel so terrible. Sad to think I'd be feeling better if I'd had steak and wine last night lol!

Milord also feels ghastly today after joining me on the detox jaunt. I've instructed him to drink lots of water in the hope we can flush the poisons out faster. It's mid morning and I've had nearly a litre of water, 1 coffee (yeah I know but I needed it!), 1 tea and 1 tomato juice. I slosh when I move... C'mon kidneys - you can do it!

Hopefully some of that weight gain is water retention and will be gone tomorrow! Sure hope so ;-). Who else got given extra padding by Santa this Christmas?!

Update: been reading my blog and it's almost totally about dieting lately. Boooring! Surely I have more going on in my life than that? No? Well then, I shall just make stuff up! I'll try to keep the diet stuff to once a week now...


Grumpy Chair said...

Cute Christmas tree.

Saffa Chick you are so cute.

Good luck on your detox and happy new year to you and your Milord.

P.S. - I do still have my anger bracelet . . . in a drawer. So after reading your comment this afternoon, I pulled it out and put it back on. I usually do wear it everyday, just have been "cabin bound" last week and this week.

caitlin said...

dont worry ur sis has go on diet. i can't in to my close but i'll wait until after my b'day. ooh i luv my munchies as u know luv kelly / cait