Thursday, 10 January 2008

Sun Dreaming

A lot of the blogs I read are in the Northern hemisphere. I've just come from Alice's and she's talking about being snuggled up in bed with her cat while the icy winter wind howls outside.

So I thought I'd share some sunshine shots of my back yard, taken a month or so ago on a lovely day. Not sure where Milord was - playing golf probably - but I was sitting outside with the weekend papers and a glass of wine and thought I'd capture the mood.

Here's the back yard. That's the gas barbeque on the right, and you can just make out the huge shed at the back. We have a scrap of lawn but don't use it because it's too shady and full of ants. Instead we live under a big leafy tree just outside the back door...

You can just make out the cat to the left too... she was loving the sun. I got down on the bricks and managed to get a close up - not easy because she's a cranky old thing and hates it when you get close.

And finally - Milord's bonsai collection, located just past the barbeque (actually they have now been moved around the corner into the shade because it's too hot, but back in late November they were in full sun). He's been collecting these for years and has a lot of fun pruning them from time to time. In our group of friends bonsais are known as F.U.L.T's (F***ed Up Little Tree's). They're not really my thing, but he likes them. Luckily they need very little attention!

There you go - a little sunshine to make your day!


caitlin said...

today is very hot by us weatherfore cast was 32C. do i have to work today? there is a song by a south african called freshlt ground. they have song at moment playing called potbelly. if you get hold of it please listen to it. i love it as a over 60kg again! love sis

caitlin said...

i mean i am over 65kg again.

Grumpy Chair said...

Good luck with weight watchers.

Lovely backyard, cat and bonsai trees.

Saffa Chick said...

Hi sis - good to hear from you ;-)

Hot here today too - up to at least 29C they say. Of course I'm sitting in a chilly office! The SA music doesn't really reach Oz, but I'll see if it's on the net.

65kg eh... that's my goal weight not yours shorty! Step away from the chocolate.