Tuesday, 22 January 2008

10 Weeks

"Hey!" I hear you saying... "What happened to week 11?"

That's what I want to know too! Well, my wedding date came forward a little, and I was originally counting from a Saturday not my weighing day, so here I am at 10 weeks to my wedding day... 10.43 weeks if you're feeling pedantic!

I'm 70.7kg this morning. That's down on last Tuesday but up a little from where I got to by Friday, so I'm not thrilled. (Note to self: it's a downward trend, relax and stop beating yourself up!)

5.7kg to lose in 10 weeks. I can do it, it's not extreme... I was lazy last week, I had another chicken pox jab on the Monday and it flattened me for days so I skipped the gym. And it was raining all week so I didn't walk home. And then Milord and I led each other astray with bottles of wine. So no surprise that I've not lost much!

I will be walking home today and I will be going to the gym during the week. I will stick to Weightwatchers and I will keep off the booze until the weekend. It's Australia Day on Saturday which is always a major piss-up here in Oz - it is unpatriotic not to get plastered apparently. Ah well, when in Rome eh?!

Wedding News: Our flights are booked and we have organised a 5-bedroom villa in Camps Bay for the week before the wedding, where we will be joined by the best man and his girlfriend, the best girl and her family, my mum, and maybe another couple. It has a private pool and a deck overlooking the ocean - stunning! Warning - following the link may turn you green with envy!

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Grumpy Chair said...

What beautiful wedding plans you have! A wedding should be something gorgeous and beautiful and you definitely will have one great memorable wedding.