Monday, 14 January 2008

Flying High

Milord took me flying on Saturday. He has a light-aeroplane license and we go for a fly every few months to keep his hours up. I quite enjoy it, although landings terrify me!

This time he said he wanted to go somewhere new and chose Moruya, about an hour and half's flight south of Sydney. We packed a couple of bacon sandwiches and a bottle of water and set off around 10am. It was a very hot day, but once we were underway with air vents blowing it was ok. We headed to the coast, passed Bondi beach, and followed the coastline southwards. It's a lovely flight along cliffs and beaches, and you can really see how underpopulated the country is! Nothing but bush once you get away from the city...

Bondi from the air

Unfortunately, as we got close to our destination we ran into cloud. We climbed above it and carried on going, but at Moruya the cloud was unbroken as far as we could see. You can't descend into cloud in a light aircraft... So we had to abandon our plans and head for home.

We were a bit low on fuel so decided to land at the first airfield along the way - Goulburn. (note to self - never go to Goulburn!) The place is truely the middle of nowhere - hot and dusty and swarming with flies - kind of stereotypical Australia! We had the scariest landing ever coming in too... as we touched down a gust of crosswind threw us to the left on one wheel and I thought we were about to cartwheel off into the grass and explode in a fireball. Luckily Milord got us down ok but I think I lost 10 years off my life! And then they didn't have fuel after all - bastards. We sat in an aircraft hangar and ate our sandwiches, then climbed back into the hot plane and took off again.

Eventually we got back to the start point, exhausted, hot and bothered and scarily low on fuel. What a relief! We got into our air conditioned car and I started talking about a shower and a nap... at which point Milord suggested we go to the beach. I thought this was a bit odd as he's not really a beach person, but agreed and we went to find some sand and sea.

We went to Bondi beach which was heaving with people. I'd assumed we were just going for a paddle as all I had was shorts and a t-shirt on, but then Milord produced a picnic blanket, towels, and my bikini! I was startled and very impressed! He'd packed our beach gear as a surprise, because Moruya airfield is right on a beach and he'd hoped to swim and picnic there. We had a swim which was lovely and then lay on the towels watching the people...

Bondi from the ground

And then, Milord said he'd hoped to do this on a secluded private beach, but anyway... would I marry him? He'd even fashioned a ring out of tin foil! Of course I said yes!

I am so very very happy!

At first glance that looks like a huge rock doesn't it?!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!! At last! That is super news - I'm so very happy for you (and Milord too)! I bet you are bouncing off the walls in excitement :) And now you always have a funny story to tell about the day you got engaged (although not so funny at the time I imagine - I'd have been majorly panicking about the lack of fuel!). Any ideas when the big day might be i.e. after house buying/kids or maybe before? Kat

Grumpy Chair said...

Happy day to you!! Oh and congratulations!!!

What a romantic.

Canadian Girl said...

Congratulations! I love the tin foil ring - that's a keeper!

Betty said...

Congratulations. Milord sure knows how to save the day, doesn't he?

Tink said...

Congratulations!! How romantical. ;)

And yes, it really does look like a huge rock at first glance. I hope you keep that "ring" for ever and ever, even after you purchase a real one.