Friday, 24 August 2007


As I mentioned earlier, last weekend Milord and I went away for the weekend to the Love Shack. This is a tiny little bungalow on a ridge in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours north of Sydney, with a big spa tub on the veranda overlooking dense bush (and a dam and a herd of cows, luckily no flies in winter). It was lovely, and we slept and ate and drank and read books and napped and spent hours in the hot tub on the veranda.

On Monday I came up with a number of little red bumps on my tummy and inner arms, but figured the bugs had got at me while strolling to and from the hot tub, as I am a bug magnet. If I am in a room with 20 people, the mosquitoes etc will all make a bee-line (heh) for me, so I always end up bitten. I'm also quite allergic to bug bites, so red bumps are nothing new.

By Monday night I had a few more, and on Tuesday I had even more. Now, it's not unusual for bites to take 24 hours to come up, but this was getting weird. I washed all our clothes and bedding in case we'd brought something home, but still I was getting the odd bump come up. They weren't like any bug bites I'd had before either... not itchy, no white pus head, and quite tender to the touch. The occasional one would swell up huge, go deep red and be really painful... I had one of these under my armpit (plague! ding-ding - bring out your dead!), and one just at the edge of my nipple (ow ow ow), and let me tell you it wasn't much fun!

I was also feeling decidedly run down, with aches, lethargy and a slightly sore throat. m'Lord suggested chicken pox or an allergic reaction, and began to urge me to the doctor. The thing is, I don't go to the doctor unless I'm dying, and spots and a sore boob really aren't all that bad!

So yesterday I googled my symptoms (as you do) and came across Hot Tub Folliculitis. It seems there are these bacteria (from someone's skin) that thrive in a hot tub and can cause a skin infection with my exact symptoms. Gross. I have to say I thought that hot tub was a bit dodgy at the time... the water was murky and had a funny taste. We threw loads of chlorine in it on Saturday once we saw what it looked like, but I reckon the damage was done the night before.

I contacted the owners to tell them to scrub the tub and they are in full denial. They say they emptied and cleaned it the day before we got there. Hmm. Didn't look like it, but whatever. I was just trying to save the next guest some trauma.

I bathed in antiseptic last night, and while I still have the bumps they feel a little better. The nipple one has gone down thank goodness (I kept cradling my sore boob unconsciously, which is not really work-friendly).

On a happier note I've lost a little more weight - this morning I was just under 72kg. Bring on the weekend, I am guilt free! I am SO looking forward to that first glass of wine tonight ;-)

Update: My mate Gillian has just told me off for "giving a bad review for the Love Shack which may be found by an internet search". Just for her I will add that this was not a doctor's diagnosis and may have been caused by something other than the hot tub, and m'Lord didn't manifest many bumps and they're not as bad on him.

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