Sunday, 20 January 2008

Wedding Venue Booked

Yay! Step 1 completed... we have our venue booked and so now we have a firm wedding date! Friday the 4th of April 2008 is going to be our special day.

We got into the place we wanted - a snazzy hotel overlooking the sea on Cape Town's west coast - the 12 Apostles Hotel (that's the name of the mountain range behind it). We will either be marrying in the hotel gardens overlooking the sea, or we might go to a nearby beach for it. I'm tending towards the hotel option as it's the least fuss, but Milord needs convincing!

I've hired a wedding planner based in Cape Town to help me out. Not cheap, but there is no way I could organise it from here with the time difference and stay sane! It's kind of fun to be able to say "Can you investgate this?" and she comes back with all the info 24 hours later!

We've made a start on a gift list at a local department store. I know some people hate gift registries, but shipping gifts back from Cape Town would be a nightmare and asking for money is awful. This way folk can buy something from the list and it gets wrapped and delivered to us in Sydney - or else they can buy a gift voucher from the store and we can get something that we want with it... I had fun wandering around the homewares department yesterday making a list. Milord reckons we don't need anything, and although he's sort of right all our stuff is so old and shabby! Mismatched plates, chipped cookware, faded towels... this is the perfect time to upgrade ;-). I'm keeping the items as reasonable as possible so that even on the South African Rand people should be able to afford a rice bowl or a towel or something.

I suppose I need a dress now. A friend of mine recently shopped all over Sydney for a wedding dress, so I've asked her to take me around to all the stores. I have no idea what I want, but it's going to have to be off the rack as we don't have time to knock something up. I'm a pretty normal shape and size, especially in dresses, so that should be fine. I'll try on all the styles to get a feel of things, but I'm hoping for a simple sheath sort of thing. I'll be looking at evening gowns too in case they're more "me"!

We haven't looked at rings yet. Milord and I don't have a free weekend together for a few weeks, but when we do I'll drag him out to look at ring sets. I'm not bothered about having an engagement ring, or about having a diamond in it, so that opens up our options. I'm not fussy about the gold/platinum thing either, whatever looks nice.

I've just had the whole weekend to myself as Milord was away at a friend's farewell from Friday 'til today. He's on his way home now, should be here in about an hour. I've had a lovely couple of nights lying starfish in the bed and sleeping really well! I heard on Friday that I'd probably get my venue so that relaxed me a lot, and now it's confirmed I'm thrilled.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. It sounds like you're moving along nicely!

Brynne said...

wow that looks amazing