Friday, 11 January 2008

Belated Resolutions

I'm not much of a one for New Year's resolutions - but after a bit of pondering I've come up with a few goals and changes to aim for this year.

1. Buy a house.
2. Change jobs.
3. Start a family.

1. Save more water - turn off the shower when I shave my legs. doing it
2. Recycle more - rinse and recycle tins in addition to the paper, glass and plastic we already recycle. doing it
3. Stop expecting Milord to propose - it's making me cranky. having trouble with this one
4. Attempt to live on one salary so that when the babies come it won't be such a shock. having trouble with this one too - we live too well!

That's about it - all quite achievable. In fact, I have some exciting news - I've just given notice on my current job! In 5 weeks time I will be looking for something new, hopefully more interesting and maybe for more money... sweet.

Note that I don't list weight stuff in my resolutions... I intend to merely carry on doing what works in that department.


Tink said...

Wow. Those are some pretty ambitious goals! Good luck and I hope your boy proposes to you soon.

Grumpy Chair said...

Good luck on your job hunt.


I love your goals because they're ambitious but totally attainable. Here's hoping 2008 is your best year yet!

(And thanks for delurking on my blog -- I'm so excited to get to know my readers better!)

CresceNet said...

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Lara said...

i wish i could do numbers 1 and 3 on your goals list, but i don't think this is going to be the year for it for me... :-P

thanks for the comment over at my place! :)

Canadian Girl said...

Good luck with your goals and resolutions. I'm new to your blog and enjoying the read.

DirkStar said...

I just posted about my New Years resolution.

What is the policy on giving up on them?

Is there a waiting period?