Tuesday, 5 August 2008

House - the move begins

Last house pics here.

House status:

Flooring - down but only 1 room polished. The rest will wait until we build the extension.
Painting - 90% done.
Bathroom - floor down, heating down, bath in. Waiting for tiles etc. No ceiling yet.
Water - piped but not connected to bathroom or "kitchen" (what kitchen?).
Gas - piped and almost accessible.
Electrics - done.
Kitchen - temp sink almost connected. Mini tabletop stove bought. We'll be using a couple of tables as prep surfaces and bookshelves to hold stuff in the meantime.
Bedrooms - finished except for the windows which we strip and repaint ourselves. Borrowed curtains will go up soon.
Backyard - cleared.

Yesterday the Bank closed for a "bank holiday", so as I couldn't earn money and Milord was at work I made myself useful by supervising the move of all our stuff from storage to the house. As the painter isn't finished yet we couldn't pack up to the walls so things are heaped in the middle of rooms. Milord and I need to attach felt to the bottom of furniture to protect our new floors before we can move anything around.

These are shots from before and after our storage arrived. I forgot to take pictures when the place was properly empty and clean, but you get the idea!

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 1 after stuff arriving:

Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 2 after stuff arriving:



Living Room:

Living Room after stuff arriving:

Back yard:

Back yard after stuff arriving:

We intend to move in next weekend if the bathroom is finished. It's a bit daunting, but all I really need is a bed and a bathroom - we can live on takeaways while we get the kitchen set up!

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Suzanne said...

Wow! I'm sure all the unpacking ahead is stressing you out, but you've come such a long way in a short time...