Friday, 22 August 2008

Rainy Friday

We woke to the rumble of thunder this morning. It was so very cosy to snuggle in bed seeing the odd flash of lightning followed by a roll of thunder. Our new house has a tiled roof over the bedrooms, and with the new insulation batting we've put in we can't hear the rain very much. We can however hear the drip of a leak in the unfinished living area, but I've put a bucket under it and it will be ok!

Yesterday the tiler finished in the bathroom and the underfloor heating was connected. What a pleasure to walk on warm tiles this morning! We still need the ceiling finished in the bathroom and the tap covers are not fitting right, but it's just about finished! I'll take a picture once I've washed the grout smudges off the tiles. It's been a bit warmer in Sydney the last couple of days, so the house almost feels cosy without an arctic draught whistling through. We still have draughts but the heater is coping with them!

I've been experimenting with public transport this week. I have the option of train and bus from where we now live. I've worked out that the bus is 20 min slower, but far more comfortable as I have managed to get a seat every time so far, plus I get to see various neighbourhoods on the way. On the train I had to stand all the way to work and the views are not exactly fantastic from the railway line. I will be taking the bus from now on unless I'm in a hurry, and in the mornings I'll jump off halfway to work and walk for a couple of km to get a bit of exercise.

I haven't made it to the gym this week - I'm just being lazy. Next week I'm back on diet and back to the gym. The project I have joined has stupid deadlines so I'll need a good excuse to get out during the day! Milord has found a new cycling route to work and he's enjoying it, so he should get control of his renegade waistline soon too!

Tomorrow we will whitewash the nasty back wall of the living area and root though our boxes to try to find the modem and telephone. Milord is playing golf on Saturday afternoon and I plan to set an osso bucco going in the slow cooker and also set the bread machine to baking a crusty loaf while I unpack a bit more. Just the thing for a winter's evening! If you're very lucky I'll blog about it...

We also need to figure out why the washing machine floods the laundry dungeon (we've boarded over all the windows for security reasons) every time it empties into the laundry sink. There's a drain in the floor so it's not a huge problem, but still it's not ideal! Luckily running the tumble dryer seems to be warming the dungeon enough to dry it out... oh the joys of renovating.

In other news I have a new toy - the Sandisk Sansa Clip 4gb mp3 player. It's tiny, has a pretty good interface, picks up radio and you can copy music to it using windows explorer (none of that having to install iTunes rubbish). It cost $100 AU, which is pretty cheap really. I was considering a Nano, but this does all I want and is half the size and half the price. I'm very chuffed!

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Suzanne said...

Brrr! It sounds so chilly when we've got 90's here.

I should burn some discs and send you some of the music you've never heard!