Monday, 18 August 2008

New Home, New Project

Today I start a new project and I expect to be busy, so I'll apologise now for a possible reduction in posting!

We moved in to our new half-renovated house this weekend. It is surprisingly comfortable considering we are sort of camping! No room is quite finished, although the bedrooms just need the window frames cleaned up. The tiler ran out of time and tiles in the bathroom, but we are able to bath and shower and use the loo so that's ok. The bathroom sink and cupboard is not attached yet so we are brushing teeth in the kitchenette and I also have no mirrors in the house so blow drying is interesting...

Our living room is a bit of a mess, but we've mostly organised the kitchen area and I was able to make toast and coffee this morning. Tonight I'll attempt to cook in my baby oven (I feel like I'm having a kids tea-party when I use it). We have a very effective heater in the living room so it is warm in spite of us being able to see daylight through roof and floors!

The spare room is packed to the ceiling with boxes and stuff and we have yet to find our telephone or modem. That will be the task tonight I think!

Living Room



Spare Room

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Suzanne said...

To think back to the pictures in May, you've come a long way in a very short time.

Good luck on the new project front!