Friday, 1 August 2008

Weight Goals

The beginning of August... I doubt anyone notices but 1 August 2007 has been the start date of my "weight to date" graph that I post every month. That means I've been graphing my weight for a year now.

On the whole it's been an encouraging sight, but I have noticed that I've stalled for the past few months. I've been maintaining at just under 70kg for ages, and the reason is simple: too much nutrition, not enough exercise! I think I've become complacent with my achievements. My ticker has been stuck on half way - and half way's pretty good right?

Time to mess with my head. I'm changing the ticker start value to 70kg, and I'll begin shifting the start date of the weight graph too - to reflect just the past year. This means my current flatlining will become more obvious and hopefully I'll be motivated to do something about it!

Also, it's sort of spring here now. Jasmine, honeysuckle and magnolias are flowering in spite of the cold. The days are getting longer, and it's just over 2 months to my sailing holiday. Incentive, much? You bet!

No real change this past month, so I'll just show the
Weight Graph to Date:


caitlin said...

why are you worried about your weight? don't forget i want to be a naughty aunty so when you get pregnant you will be putting baby weight on!!! hee-hee!!!

i am sending you email and i send a nice one if i don't homework. yuck! i hate homework as you know.


Saffa Chick said...

Hi sis. Well, being at a healthy weight is better for falling pregnant... so it's not just about looking good! But that's the main reason ;-)