Tuesday, 12 August 2008

House - Nearly there!

Last update here.

Last weekend Milord and I worked our butts off getting the house ready for moving in. We arranged furniture and sorted boxes into their correct rooms. I hurt all over.

We also cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. He loathes our little vacuum cleaner because it doesn't handle building dust very well, and I don't want to wash another window ever!

Somehow our shelving supports got left behind at the storage depot and by the time we realised it they'd gone walkabout, so we're a bit stuck for shelves now. We're going to have to get more which hurts because we're so far into the red it isn't funny.


Painting - done.
Bathroom - tiles have arrived! Floor tiled, ceiling half done. Need walls tiled, bathroom furniture installed, water connected.
Water - pending, same as last week.
Gas - pending, same as last week.
Kitchen - pending, same as last week.

We really really want to move in this weekend. It might happen. The friend we are housesitting/renting from wants to re-let her house immediately and we're in her way. Plus we're sick of being in someone else's house!

We're a bit cranky over here so I hope moving in will sort that out. Milord was absolutely lovely to me yesterday evening and it worries me that I was startled. When did being lovely stop being the norm?


A few pictures. The bathroom is not going to be turquoise, that's the waterproofing! The walls will be the same pale tiles as the floor.

Our bedroom is pretty much finished. Just need to unpack and make up the bed.

The living room is nearly there.

And the spare room is stuffed with things we don't have a place for yet!

Wish me luck!

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Canadian Girl said...

I wish you the biggest and best of luck - my fingers are crossed that you'll be able to move in this weekend. Keep us posted ...