Thursday, 14 August 2008

Running and Weight and Stuff

So how's my running going? It's going fine thanks, I'm still managing 6min/km over 5km... sadly though I ended up moving boxes and furniture instead of running the fun run I was sort of training for last weekend.

I decided that the move was more important, and more significantly Milord had given up a rare golf game opportunity to move stuff so it seemed very rude of me to disappear for most of Sunday for a run! He encouraged me to go but I had a feeling it would come back and bite me in the butt the next time he felt cranky.

You know how it goes.

The physical work on the weekend was probably harder than running 14km in the end, and I have only just stopped hurting! I lost a bit of weight last week and started this week on 69kg - woohoo! I'm up from that today but I feel bloated so I'm ignoring that reading (denial!). I feel a bit flabby around the middle and that is probably because I've been hitting the snooze button too much and missing my morning sit-ups!

In spite of that I'm giving myself a rest week from the gym and have been having lunch with Milord (we need quality time away from home) or else we dash to the house and check on the tradesmen. Yesterday we went to have a word with the tiler to try to convince him to finish the bathroom before Saturday.

I may be bathing in a bucket for a few days.

Fine, whatever. I'm over stressing about it. Bring it on!

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