Thursday, 25 June 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 6

I don't have any pictures for you this week... we were in a rush to get away to visit friends on the weekend, came back in the dark and then it rained. It's coming along nicely though and you're in for a treat when I get back in there with a camera!

New stuff:

  • Electrics, plumbing, plastering, insulation.

  • All door and windows and glazing are in.

  • Our rain tanks under the new floor (4000 litres - yes, that much) are connected to the new roof runoff. We're going to use the rain water for the garden, second loo and the washing machine. There is some very clever filtration stuff in the downpipes so leaves and muck should keep out.

  • Decking on the little raised deck is done.

Annoying stuff:
  • The hardwood floor has been postponed to next week because the walls are too damp.

  • Our neighbours are disputing our fences (we had to take the old ones down both for access and because they were unsafe). We had a surveyor come out and tell us where our boundaries are and they're 15cm to 30cm outside where the old fences were. So we took back our land - like you do. As our property is only 7m wide those extra centimetres are precious! Of course both our neighbours chucked a fit.

    We have decided to make nice to the Greeks we share the common wall with, and have moved that fence back 10cm onto our land. With the language barrier I doubt they even know how nice we are being! I've told Milord to write them a letter with a copy of the survey so that their english-speaking sons can hopefully get the message across. Oh well.

    And we have decided to fight against the shitty-loud-music bloke on the other side, especially after the attitude he brought to the table (ie. screaming obscenities in the street at 7am Monday morning). Funnily enough he seems to have come around to our way of thinking since then. We think he might have a personality disorder.

So, it's coming along.

Last weekend we went away to visit RuralChick and her family. They live an hour and a half inland and uphill, and it is cold there (5C to 10C colder than Sydney). They live on a big property with horses, chickens, ducks and a baby bull, and it's a complete change to the city. Think rustic charm and log fires and twigs in the bathwater. Milord got roped into herding cows on the neighbour's farm - luckily I wasn't expected to muck in!

Her kids are delightful and seem to really like me, although they're sad that the piggy-backs have stopped lately. Instead we read books, did drawings, built Lego... and occasionally I had a chance to talk to the grownups! Very nice. And it was lovely to have some home-cooked meals and to get out of our house for a bit.

The weekend after next we have to get out again because our floors are getting varnished. We've booked a cottage on the beach a couple of hours south of Sydney and we absolutely can't wait! It'll be my first holiday since February and my last holiday before the baby comes, and I'm looking forward to it.

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