Monday, 1 June 2009

Happy Place

Thanks for all the really sweet comments you guys. Sometimes one just needs to vent.

(Kat - you asked about parks nearby. Yes, we have several, but it's been raining pretty much constantly for the past week and is set to continue this week. bleah)

Actually Sunday was a much better day. Milord woke up in a good mood and fetched me from the bed I'd made up on the sitting room floor (my coughing was keeping both of us awake so at 3am I moved) for the most satisfactory cuddle I've had in ages. We had a good chat about the things that are bothering us and resolved a couple of items. So that's all good.

Lack of sleep due to coughing is still a problem but I managed a nap Sunday afternoon and 7 decent hours last night, so I'm starting to catch up. I went out and bought a "body pillow" yesterday and I think I'm in love! I knew the belly was making sleep uncomfortable - I may not sleep on my back (baby weight cuts off blood flow for both of us), on my front is getting impossible, and on my side pulls me forward and my chest feels crushed - but I didn't realise how uncomfortable until now. The only problem is that the pillow is nearly as big as me so switching sides in the night is a mission. I'll just have to get used to sleeping on one side all the time!

The Greeks next door have calmed down - it seems the language barrier stopped the old man from hearing "we will fix anything damaged" for a couple of days. It helps when he stops shouting long enough to listen, of course. As a peace offering we bought them a pot of narcissus and a couple of bottles of wine... Milord is still too annoyed to take them next door though so I have a pot of narcissus flowering on my bedside table! Lucky me.

I was browsing my blogroll and as part of an interview one of the bloggers was talking about his "Happy Place"and it made me think.

My "Happy Place" is always a long white beach at sunset. I am completely alone, walking along the waterline. It is a warm evening, but not hot, not humid, and no flies. Interesting bits of flotsam and small shells dot the sand, and the remains of a wreck lies at the edge of the dunes, ripe for exploring.

It's actually a real memory of Noordhoek Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. I used to work nearby and on summer's evenings after work I'd drive to the beach and go for a long walk. There'd be a other few walkers and surfers about, but on the whole I'd be alone with my thoughts and the sussurus of the sea. In recent years it has become unsafe to walk that beach alone - I stopped when a girl was dragged into the dunes and raped. Which kind of messes with my "Happy Place"...

What's your "Happy Place"?

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greytonsal said...

Mine is a gorgeous little log cabin set in a meadow filled with yellow and white flowers, which runs down to a still, blue lake with a jetty running out into it. Across the lake is a forest of silver birch trees turning yellow as it is late summer and a white wolf lives there! Not sure why he is in the picture, but he always turns up when I go for a visit! It is all very tranquil, bees buzz and birdies sing and like you, there are no flies or midges! I love to visit it and always come away refreshed and calm in my spirit.