Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Beautiful Like Me

Another topic from Wicked StepMom for her Beautiful Like Me project. (There are a group of bloggers out there trying to write posts for the future generation to inspire them to be happy in their own skins.)

What person or people are the most influential about how you feel about yourself? Who influences you the most to feel beautiful?

A hard one. Wicked StepMom herself says it's her family, past and present.

For me that doesn't hold true. My family certainly influenced my self-image growing up, but they don't at all now (although I think they're proud of me, which is nice). Milord can make me feel beautiful with a rare compliment (or make me bin a pair of jeans with an ill-advised comment) but he's not the major influence on how I feel about me.

The person who makes me feel most beautiful in myself... is me. I like me. With or without the flab, bad-hair days or run-down skin I have the confidence to stand tall, raise my chin and sally forth no matter what, knowing that "I'm worth it"!

I don't think this is going to be useful for the kids we're trying to inspire though, because this confidence in myself was earned by living at least 3 decades. In my teens I was trying to please school and family. In my 20's I was trying to please various men. In my 30's I finally realised that the only person I need to please is me, and that once I really accepted myself the rest of the world would follow suit (and if not then good riddance to them)! By that point I had travelled the world, excelled at a career and grown into my skin.

How would you get a teenager to be the most influential person in their own life? Now there's a question!


Amy said...

I agree, it is so amazing how age, experience and knowledge can contribute to our self worth. Great post!

Tricia said...

I recently asked my 21-year-old stepdaughter a similar question and we specifically talked about the middle school years of angst. She said she thinks it's just something we have to go through to get to the other side...that there was no avoiding the turmoil. I hope she's wrong, but perhaps there's some truth to it. The only way to get to the other side is to walk through?