Friday, 12 June 2009

Preggy Update - Third Trimester!

Week: 26 and 5 days

I'm finishing my second trimester! Yay! Only 3 months left of being pregnant. No, I don't love being pregnant, sorry. What's to love? The only pro's I can think of so far are:
- no hangovers
- no periods
and oh, well.

Milord is officially nesting. I was happy to wait until our renovations were over before accumulating stuff, but he can't wait that long! I guess it's his way of getting involved... He's started gathering baby music, nursery rhymes and kids TV, and last weekend we bought the (matching sturdy pale wood) cot, change table and toybox off eBay. We also bought a brand new super-duper 3-wheel jogger pram (as I plan to be a jogging yummy mummy). Now for a car seat and we'll have all the big stuff for the baby.

My weight and belly are the same as last week. Growth spurt over... phew.

My sleep is becoming broken as I need to visit the loo several times in the night. I also wrestle with the body pillow when I roll over and have to take it with me! Luckily I fall asleep very easily again, and I can still sleep through the baby's kicking (once my bladder is empty anyway).

I'm feeling fine and my cold is finally over. On the whole I have it pretty good I reckon. No acne or mood swings or swelling or aches. I'm sleeping a lot, and on the weekends I average 10 to 12 hours a night. Milord was joining me for the long sleeps, and then wondered why he was twitchy and wide awake at 3am!

Things I can still do:

  • Paint my toenails.

  • Tie shoelaces.

  • Shave my legs.

  • Groom my pubes.

  • Get out of bed / out the bath / up off the floor without help.

  • Cross my legs.

  • Wear (sensible) heels.

  • Wear my wedding rings.

Things I can no longer do:
  • Turn over in my sleep.

  • Run for the bus. Well, I probably could, but nah.

  • Sleep for 6 hours straight without needing a wee.

  • Sneeze/cough without peeing a little. *sigh*

  • Eat a full meal portion. Probably a good thing!

  • Certain... uh... "positions". We're finding alternative ones.

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Lisa said...

I think its marvellous all the things that you can still do. I was kying awake last night wondering what your little girl is going to look like. It's all so very exciting. xxxxx