Wednesday, 17 June 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 5

Hey lookit: doors and windows!

Now you can really start to get an idea of the lovely big bright room this is going to be.

I got home early on Friday and wandered out back to chat to Milord and the builders who were having an end-of-week beer. After oohing and ahing at the work I suddenly looked around and said "Hey, isn't this room quite a bit longer than it should be? And the laundry a lot smaller?"

"Oh yes" they said. "Like it?"

Well sure, except now the kitchen is going to look stupid because it isn't centered in the space, the sitting area will be pokey, the dining area too big, and the laundry is so small I'm going to have to stack the washer and dryer on top of each other! Growl.

Everything bar the laundry can be fixed as we haven't had the kitchen constructed yet. I'm off to see the designer this afternoon - I reckon I'll make the kitchen space a little bigger and move it 2 metres towards the glass doors. This will give us a balanced space, a decent sitting area and a sensible dining area.

It's lucky I noticed the change - no one tells me anything!


waterbob said...

Make and keep notes for next time. I had a buddy who measured every day and had the builders change it back to the plan - every day!!

Kat said...

In the top picture is the laundry room going on the left in the bit beyond where the doors are on the right? So nice to see it coming along, even if not quite to requirements!!