Friday, 14 December 2007


Search terms which brought people to my blog:

possum box plans: It's great that you plan to have a possum box. It's just like a big bird box really, and make sure it's out of the reach of cats and so on. We have a possum living in the box in the tree outside our back door next to the barbeque, and at twilight the little critter wakes up and pokes his head out and watches us for a while before clambering out to do whatever it is possums do all night.

Manly Harbour/Waterfront: Yes Manly has a harbour and a waterfront... and a really long beach and promenade. Most of the bars and restaurants are not on the water though. My favourite restaurant in Manly is perched on top of the changing rooms right on the sand... You can watch the surfers and beautiful people go by while sipping chilled white wine and eating fresh oysters... I should go back there sometime soon.

how many weight watcher points for a apple/carrot juice drink: Well, each apple costs 0.5 points. Carrots are free. If it's not a freshly squeezed juice then check the sugar content and so on... and the purists will tell you to only use organic fruit but I'm not that fussy.

should my eyebrows match my black hair: I thought so - once. My brows are a sort of dark brown so they looked all right against my black hair in the end, although the hair itself looked a bit wierd. If you have very blonde eyebrows you should probably take them darker, but maybe not all the way to black!

juice fast detox poo: Um. Mine was fine but I've heard stories... Probably depends on what you were eating before the detox.

weightwatchers pumpkin soup zero: Sure is! Gotta love no-point soup ;-). And roast pumpkin wedges are great as a snack or in a salad in hot weather too.

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