Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Diet Post 12

Weekly weighing day... 72kg.


I've gained a kilo since last week sniff. Well, no excuses, I know exactly where that came from! I was good yesterday and I promised myself I'd be good today, and then got ambushed by the chocolates while waiting in the checkout queue at lunchtime - I've discovered Chomps here in Oz - and they're exactly like the ones I grew up eating in South Africa! I didn't like the UK ones... sadly I like these a lot ;-)

Apart from 2 apples, a peach, a nectarine, a glass of juice and a few cups of tea that's all I've eaten today though. Talk about a blood sugar roller coaster hee hee... Tonight the plan is a nice light chicken soup. Milord is away in Melbourne though, and I find myself more easily swayed without him at home watching me be a piggy (that's when he's not leading me astray of course!). The bottle of champagne in the fridge may just wrestle me into submission halfway through the evening... must... resist...

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