Monday, 17 December 2007


On the weekend I was changing the sheets on my bed when a tiny baby lizard appeared on the mattress. Where he came from I have no idea, as we have bug screens on the bedroom window and he can't have got in that way. I managed to catch him easily and took him outside...

Hopefully he'll have good long life catching our zillions of mosquitoes!

I can't see a lizard without thinking of Ms Grumpy Chair and her lizard phobia. I guess I'm lucky that in general bugs and reptiles don't worry me (unless they're huge or lethal anyway). I've made a number of friends here who are English and Irish ex-pats, and they just can't deal with critters. That's in central Sydney too - heaven knows what they'd be like in the bush!

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Grumpy Chair said...

That's about how small they are here. I don't mind them outside, I get creeped out when they are in the house. And they usually are on the wall . . . eeek!