Thursday, 6 December 2007

Christmas Bus

When I caught the bus to work this morning, I was startled to find it swathed in decorations! Candy canes hung from the ceiling and streamers and tinsel wound around every available handrail. It was extremely festive. I wonder if there is a competition between the busses for the most garish bus?

So, Christmas... I'm sure we all have Christmas stories. I know I do!

Many years ago, when I was about 21, I was going out with a lovely bloke called Willy. We met when working together in a restaurant - I was studying computers and waitressing at night while he worked his way up through the restaurant hierarchy. He started as barman, then became waiter, then chef, then manager... He was wildly romantic, and I would come home from class to find a trail of flowers through the house, or soppy cards and soft toys. Our chemistry was awesome and he spoiled me rotten. I've never known anything like it before or since ;-).

Of course, if he was entirely perfect I'd still be with him today! Willy had, let's say, um, issues. He was utterly useless at managing money and insanely possessive, but what really freaked me out was his ability to passively resist things he didn't want to do. When things were going wrong at the restaurant he would simply fail to wake up for work. His housemates told me a story of breaking into his bedroom to silence a blaring clock-radio alarm that had been going off for 30 minutes, only to find Willy asleep next to it. Truely wierd!

So, this one Christmas was a bit stressful for Willy. I can't quite remember why, but it had something to do with him forgetting to buy presents, or perhaps because an old boyfriend of mine would be dropping by. I really don't remember now, but he was upset... He'd stayed the night of Christmas Eve, and in the morning I got up and showered and got ready to join my mum downstairs to open presents with a glass of champagne. I nudged Willy to wake him so that he could shower. Then I shook him. I called his name. I may have bounced on him... I do remember rolling him out of bed so that he hit the floor with a crash! At that point I gave up and left him in a heap on the floor next to the bed and went downstairs. He appeared hours later, rumpled and confused.

We were together for several years, but after I finished my computer course and entered the workforce it all went rather pear shaped. He was intimidated by my profession (he ruined the day of my graduation by picking a fight), and jealous because I was no longer working nights where he could keep his eye on me. His possessiveness started rubbing off on me and if he was late getting home I would freak out and drive the route at 2am looking for him. We broke up and got back together many times, each time more stressful than the last, and finally we limped away and got on with our lives. It helped that he'd got some other girl pregnant too...

Willy was my first real love I reckon. I still miss him a little bit from time to time, and my mum still talks about him - she adored him. Willy died a year or so after I'd moved to London - a head-on collision late at night after work. He most likely fell asleep at the wheel... I was devastated when I found out. The people you've loved never really leave your heart do they?

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