Monday, 3 December 2007


Search terms which brought people to my blog:

saffa family tree: You may need a bit more detail for this one, like, surname? Unless of course your surname is "Saffa". That's funny - I wonder if the surname "Pommy" is out there! Or "Yank".

exam results: Again, more detail maybe. Institution, course, year?

does hair color remover work on demi permanent dye: Probably not. I take it you don't like your new colour? What did you go with? I tried a temporary red once over the summer school holidays and it wouldn't wash out for ages!

what clipper number does tom cruise use for his hair: Dude. Who cares?

trek pert to uluru: I'm loving the typo... Make sure you have a decent bra if you're trekking all that way and want to stay pert, ok?

juice fast: I'm getting a lot of hits on juice fasting stuff. To be honest you may be better off doing the pert trek instead ;-)

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