Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Diet Post 11

Hmm, up again. Not too much, at least I'm still under the dreaded 71kg - but just barely! 70.9kg.

After my post on Saturday things went a bit wrong diet-wise. Milord and I went on a mission to find biltong and boerewors, because we are having folk around on Christmas Eve and fancy offering them something Saffa and unusual to snack on. Plus we are both utterly addicted to the stuff and have been in withdrawal since our trip to South Africa in March! We had heard of a butchers in Ryde (North-West Sydney) who did decent stuff, so headed off there shortly after lunch. We found them easily (Quality Meats in the West Ryde shopping centre if you're interested) and they had a reasonable range of beef biltong, including spicy and sticks. I've not heard of any other kind of biltong over here, but I reckon kangaroo would be excellent as it's a lean, gamey red meat. The only problem is that milord won't eat Skippy! Luckily for him the biltong we bought on the weekend was excellent, so I won't be attempting my own roo-tong just yet! The only boerewors sausage on offer was a pork and beef mix, and it looks really fatty. We didn't get very much, as I'm not wild about it anyway... I'll let you know what it's like after Christmas!

We munched biltong in the car on the way home, and with beer while reading the newspapers in the afternoon, and with red wine while waiting for the roast lamb to cook, and as a late night snack after dinner... I woke up feeling positively awful in the night! I must have eaten the equivalent of 4 or more steaks - and that's between meals! Urgh.

I haven't had any since, but Sunday involved a lot of champagne and nibbles and fresh bread with butter. Mmm. I reckon I'm lucky to not have gained more weight than I did! Milord and I are going to try to be as good as possible this week. No booze at home until Friday, and light meals. I've made us a batch of bean salad to bring to work and mix with fresh salad leaves and tomato, and I've stocked up on apples, peaches and nectarines for snacks. Milord will be cycling to and from work in spite of the rain (yes, rain forecast all week again), and I'll be gymming as much as possible.

Dinner tonight will be red bell peppers (capsicum) stuffed with leftover roast lamb, sweet potato and butternut pumpkin. Yum - I made something similar a month or two back, and reckon it's the nicest way to eat leftover roast lamb! Chop everything up small, add some fresh mint and coriander, stuff into the peppers then pop them into a very hot oven until the peppers blacken a little and blister. Serve whole.

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Grumpy Chair said...

Your stuffed peppers sound good. I have yet to ever try lamb.

When I was in high school (early 80's), a fast food restaurant here in the states (Jack in the box) had rumors that their hamburgers were made of kangaroo meat. Which is really silly, because that would have been very expensive (I would think!)

Late November is the big deer hunting season, when I lived in Oklahoma, many of my male coworkers would bring in their deer jerky and deer summer sausage.