Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Diet Post 13

Mwahaha 71.4kg today. Go figure... Perhaps I was still recovering from my weekend? That means I "only" gained half a kilo, which is normal for me. Phew.

I managed to beat off the champagne last night, although a couple of diet gin and tonics did waylay me in a dark alley. Only 1 point each if you make them weak though, so not tooooo bad! (Yes I know I have an alcohol problem, hush)

Milord is home tonight and wants to decorate our cute little Christmas tree... with a glass or five of champers. Methinks I'm not going to be able to say no. If you're very lucky I might post a picture of my first ever Christmas tree ;-). First I was in a too-small flat in Cape Town, then a too-small flat in London, then I couldn't be bothered for a while, and last year milord and I were away at his mum's so I had no urge to do anything.

This year we are home for Christmas and we have a brand spanking new living 5-foot high tree. His ex must have taken all their old ornaments (suits me) so I've been having fun buying miniature baubles for our gorgeous little tree. Milord won't have a chopped down tree because it's killed, and I don't mind either way because I grew up with artificial ones, so we found a lovely little live one that we can use for a couple of years before retiring it onto a friend's property ;-). Nice.

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