Saturday, 1 December 2007

Diet Post 10

Wahey! 70.2kg today... down from 71.6 yesterday - I definitely was retaining water!

And that's after steak last night. And a corn cob, some very oily stir-fried veggies (milord gets a bit generous with the olive oil, but I can't complain when someone else cooks!), and way too much champagne... I drank 2 pints of water in the night and I'm not dehydrated, so that's a true reading ;-). Yay.

What a great way to start the weekend! I am sitting in bed with the Saturday newspapers and my second cup of coffee, waiting for the hair bleach to lighten my roots. Milord is off playing golf but should be home for lunch which is lovely - usually I don't see him 'til late on a golf day.

I don't normally blog on the weekend but I had to share that! I wonder if I can get below 70 before Christmas? That would be the best present ever!

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