Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 19 and 3 days

Ok, so as you know we went for our 19 week scan this week and found out that we are having a little girl. (Squeeee!) Everything looks good. I'm trying to get screen grabs of the scan dvd to upload but it's fighting me at the moment. We've revised our due date back to the 13th Sept so I'm still in week 19. *sigh*

My bump and my weight are the same as last week so I won't inflict any photos of me on you!

Pregnancy Symptoms I didn't expect (in spite of loads of googling over the past 4.5 months):

  • Peeing when I sneeze. Finally the shooting pain when I sneeze goes away to be replaced with bladder issues. Fantastic.

  • Pains down my legs. It's a little like sciatica but is known as pelvic girdle pain and is caused by the softening of the ligaments in my pelvis, getting ready for childbirth.

  • Breathlessness. I thought this would start once my bump was huge, but already I'm completely puffed just walking up a slight hill to the bus stop.

  • A numb bum whenever I sit for a while, especially on a hard seat.

Things I can still do:
  • Paint my toenails.

  • Tie shoelaces.

  • Shave my legs.

  • Groom my pubes.

  • Turn over in my sleep.

  • Get out of bed / out the bath / up off the floor without help.

  • Run for the bus.

  • Cross my legs.

  • Sleep for 6 hours straight without needing a wee.

  • Wear heels.

Comments I am already tired of:
  • Enjoy your sleep while you can. duh.

  • Your life is going to change. duh again. Of course it's going to change! That's the whole point of having kids, right? Who wants to be a DINK forever?

  • How much time are you going to take off work? I never know how to answer this. I intend to "take leave" until my kiddies are in school, unless I can't hack being a SAHM. Is it bragging that as a couple this is an option for us? Is it anti-feminist to "pause my career"? Are people going to see me as lazy?

Oh, and? Where the hell is the fabled libido boost of the second trimester? I'd not turn my fella down for a tumble but I'm certainly not initiating anything! Very unlike me.

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Doc Manette said...

Congratulations on a girl!!!

Sorry about unwanted comments - as far as answering "how long are you taking off" I hated that question!