Friday, 17 April 2009


My boobs are on fire! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is normal apparently. Great. The only thing that helps is cradling them in my cool hands - which is Not Safe For Work.

My belly is cold and has been for months now. Hot boobs, cold belly - the opposite of my pre-preggy state! I understand the hot sore boob thing but why is my baby bump cold? Everyone has been telling me that my pregnancy will keep me warm over winter, but instead I have been colder than usual since conception. In my first trimester the only time I was warm was during a heatwave that flattened the city. Not that I want hot flushes or anything - I'm just sayin'.

Plus I'm having a hungry day. It is midday and I have had 2 slices of multigrain toast with bovril (it's a Saffa thing), 2 apples, a muesli bar, a small orange juice, a litre of water and 2 cups of tea. And I'm starving! I'm about to tuck into a cheese and tomato multigrain sandwich, celery sticks and a strawberry yogurt. I've had a hungry day about every week lately, but so far the hunger has always subsided... I really feel for the women who have this all the way through pregnancy!

In other news I am booooooored. We are in code freeze while a test release is rolled out and I have nothing to work on. One can browse the internets only so long before one's brain turns to mush.

Plans for the weekend: tonight we are visiting RuralChick and her family where they are staying around the corner from us for the weekend (they're in town for Milord's toxic ex's 50th, but we don't talk about that). It's her daughter's birthday today - she's turning 7, and we are giving her a cute purple bicycle.

7 is a bit old to learn to ride a bike. I should know - I learned when I was 7 (until the age of 7 my family lived on the side of a mountain so I understand why I hadn't had a bike up to that point, but anyway)! Mom ran along pushing and holding me up, up and down the road for hours while I was trying to get the knack. I hated it. Absolutely hated learning to ride that bike - I can clearly remember the terror as I wobbled along with Mom shouting breathless instructions behind me. Mostly "Stop leaning!"... I hope RuralChick's kid gets the hang of it easier than I did! My child will get a bike at 2 or 3 with huge training wheels - I want them to learn how to do it before they're old enough to be scared.

On Saturday we want to play with the new Xbox 360. Milord has got his hands on the Xbox 360 version of "Civilisation" for me (I'm not attracted to the shoot-em-up games) - should be fun.

And on Sunday it's another bbq with friends, which I assume I'll have to drive us home from after 5 hours!

Ok, sandwich inhaled. Still hungry. Pass me a celery stick!


Kat said...

Oh here it is, glitch in my system obviously where it didn't show to start with for some reason! It makes me laugh that when you are hungry you are going for celery! I'd be going for crisps, muffins.... something more substantial than celery anyway! This week I will be carb loading before the marathon next Sunday!

Saffa Chick said...

Celery is very filling... especially on top of everything else I'd eaten! Not that I fancy celery of course, but decades of dieting have me reaching for low calorie snacks before giving in to the crisps urge!