Wednesday, 8 April 2009

First Anniversary

On Saturday Milord and I celebrated our first anniversary! Wow, what a year it has been...

We have a money tin that Milord puts dollar coins into when he empties his pockets. He been putting coins in there for about 6 months and it was just about full - we opened it and counted up $420! Woohoo, enough for a night out of the city and a good meal!

We drove to the Blue Mountains on Saturday afternoon after a lazy morning ("Blue Mountains" is a misleadingly romantic name for what is really hills covered in gum trees, but apparently the haze given off by the gums appears blue from a distance). It's a hilly rural area and a good place for a short break from the city. We found ourselves a cozy cabin with a big spa bath and wood burning stove thingy. It was a cold wet day so we started a fire and curled up with our books, shared a bath, watched a dvd and went down the road for a very good meal. I even had a couple of glasses of wine - very decadent!

On Sunday we went to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens - a beautifully laid out collection of temperate region plants from all over the world (lots of South African proteas!). Down the hill they also have a piece of cool rainforest - lots of moss and ferns.

It was pretty damp and cool although not raining and I was glad I had several layers!

After some awesomely fresh scones in the garden's cafe we did a slow scenic drive home, getting back shortly before sunset. The clocks switched from daylight saving time on Saturday night, and now it is dark by 6pm. Wah!

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Julie said...

OK I have to admit I didn't read the entire entry cause I'm at work so I looked at the pretty pictures real quick and that is a great shot of you.