Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Happy Easter

Yes, I know I'm late ;-).

I hope you got lots of chocolate... Milord didn't actually get me any chocolate eggs this year but I got him a Ferrero Rocher egg which turned out to be the exact stuff they coat the little balls in - nutty choccy heaven! He let me share it ;-). I also got us a big bag of tiny solid eggs which are now in a bowl on the lounge table tempting us.

It was a nice long weekend. There was a chance that I'd have to work (deadlines ugh) but in the end things weren't that critical and the developers of my section got time off.

Milord's birthday fell on Friday - nice when they throw a holiday on your birthday innit?! I gave him an Xbox 360 Elite which he'd been wanting for a long time. Anyone who knows me has just gone "You gave him what?! You hate gaming in your living room!". In the past I have been totally obstructive when boyfriends have wanted to buy gaming consoles, but times change! Milord doesn't play all that often, and when he does he is happy to wear headphones and I can read a book on the couch next to him... plus with the impending shutdown of our social life due to finances and babies I can see the Xbox being used a lot. Milord can game for hours but doesn't like to read as much as I do, and actually laughed when I told him I'm going to get back into jigsaws this winter. A boy's living-room hobby had to be found.

On Friday afternoon we met friends in a pub beer garden - although it's getting chilly now the days are still nice. I had a several soft drinks over 5 hours as the company got tipsy before dragging Milord home and out for a quiet local dinner. I've discovered I can handle 5 hours of being the sober one before it all gets too boring...

Saturday he played golf and I lazed around the house (bed, bath, couch) unable to put my book down. I did do several loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom and whizzed around with the vaccum cleaner, so I wasn't a total blob!

On Sunday we visited friends for a bbq... for 5 hours. And on Monday we visited another friend for lunch... for 5 hours. I am now quite over being designated driver for a few weeks I hope! Luckily my bloke doesn't take it for granted and has been very appreciative.

This weekend I ended up explaining the egg and bunny thing (pagan spring fertility festival) and why Jewish folk eat lamb and unleavened bread over Easter (passover) to Milord. This stuff just sticks in my head - call me Saffapedia! We even ended up in a serious discussion of christenings and faith teaching for our kids... for an unbeliever Milord is surprisingly keen to christen our kids in a church and send them to Sunday school. I think deep deep deep down he'd perhaps quite like to find his faith again. I don't have a problem with that.

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