Thursday, 16 April 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 19 and 2 days


This is an impressive week for growth! Your baby weighs approximately 250 grams (8-9 ounces) and is about 22 cm or 6 inches long.

[..] the permanent teeth buds are forming behind the already formed milk teeth buds. Growth becomes rapid now and your baby begins to store iron for the production of red blood cells. [..]

Huh, my kid has teeth.

Weight: 72kg (+1kg from week 16, +0.5 since start)
Boobs: 99cm (same as week 16, +1cm since start)
Ribs: 83cm (same as week 16, +1cm since start)
Waist: 91cm (+2cm since week 16, +4cm since start)
Hips: 99cm (same as week 16, +1cm since start)
Thigh: 58cm (+2cm from week 16, same as start)

Here comes the weight gain! According to the literature I should expect to gain 0.5kg (1lb) per week from now until the due date. How funny to walk up to Milord this morning and say "I've gained a kilo this week" and for him to answer "Oh great! It's about time!".

On my "safe gain" chart I'm sort of following the desired projection of a total gain of 12kg. Not that I'll starve myself if I go over of course, don't worry!

Although I have grown out of all my non-maternity trousers my bump is not exactly huge. I was wearing a lovely flattering maxi dress on the weekend and received several "you can't be almost halfway" comments. Not that I really know what 19 weeks should look like... IrishMILF was enormous at 19 weeks but she's short and tiny so I can't use her for a comparison!

I'm feeling fine. Over Easter I started going "Oh wow, I'm not tired any more! Maybe that's over."...and then the alarm went off on Tuesday morning and I was as weary as usual. Seems I only have energy when I get 10+ hours sleep a night!

  • I still haven't felt the baby. I can't wait for that to happen!

  • No boob growth but I have had stabbing pains behind my nipples that I can totally do without!

  • The pigmentation on my face is actually fading with the onset of winter, yay. No belly line yet.

  • My digestive system has become less regular - I'm countering with lots of celery and water.

  • I wee a lot but nothing extraordinary considering how much water I drink - I'm always thirsty.

  • Nose bleeds seem to have stopped.

  • My spots have cleared up! Woohoo!

I did have a terrible itchy rash for the last couple of weeks. It started on my bum cheeks, then slowly spread to my waist and thighs, followed by my upper arms and chest and tummy. We think it is because our washing machine was on the blink and didn't rinse properly - and I reacted to the detergent left in my jeans and work trousers. I rewashed everything, but the rash took a very uncomfortable week to subside.

On Monday I have my next scan. We might be able to see if we're having a girl or a boy! I'll let you know ;-)


Tully said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, I just loved looking at them. You look fantastic. Nearly half way, how exciting...!

Kat said...

What happened to your post from yesterday?? Did you delete it! Never heard of getting hot boobs when you are pregnant... not good at all!! Hope you are having a fab weekend.