Thursday, 9 April 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 18 and 2 days

I saw my obstetrician this week for my 4-weekly checkup. BP good. Uterus size good (17cm). Baby heartrate good (how much do I love hearing that galloping sound?!).

My bump is 1cm bigger at 90cm and although my weight is still steady at 71kg I'm readying myself for the gain. According to the stats I can expect to put on half a kilo per week from now until the end - so I should get to around 83kg. Wow.

By the way - none of my doctors have weighed me during my pregnancy, or even asked me about it (except during my 12 week blood tests because my BMI would affect the results... oh and I'm taller than I thought - they measured me at 168cm tall). It seems that these days they don't measure weight during pregnancy (unless you're obese).

Of course it's still all that pregnant women and mums talk about.
"I put on x, and lost it after 6 months"
"I put on x and that breastfeeding=weightloss thing is a lie!"
"I put on x and never lost it"

IrishMILF's latest update was that she had "gained 20% of her [pre-preggy] body weight!"

I hate being told "you are lucky, you can eat as much as you like at this time, and put on loads of weight without guilt!"
No. No I can't. Because it still has to come off again at the end!

The same to the people who say "Why are you still going to the gym? You're allowed to get blobby now."

I have yet to embrace my burgeoning belleh. I'm not big enough to look pregnant, I just look big in the middle... Like a co-worker said last week "I'm glad you told us you're pregnant, otherwise I'd just think you were getting fat!"


What I wear makes a big difference to how I look. I normally work in smart trousers and a collared shirt. On casual Fridays I might wear something softly clinging or floaty. These pictures are from earlier this week. As I ran out of the door in the morning I realised it was chilly so I grabbed a light jacket.

On the way home it was even chiller so I tried to do the jacket up... um, fail. It's a slimline jacket usually - and now packed away in the "revisit in 6 months" box!

And this shot is from the previous week's casual Friday. I'm not entirely convinced about floaty tops yet!

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Suzanne said...

You are looking FABULOUS!!!! For four months in, you're in great shape and boy, are you glowing! Glad the doctor's visits are going well, too.