Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Xmas Eve

So here we are at the day before Christmas.

The tree is decorated, with a few presents underneath (mine to Milord - he hasn't done any wrapping yet). I have two more things to find and then all the present shopping is done... just groceries still to get.

Christmas food in Australia can be summed up in two words: Prawns and Ham. Both things I don't mind in moderation... Milord can live on cold prawns and cold ham indefinitely - maybe you have to grow up with it.

So what foods mean Christmas to me?

Mom used to always make a big dish of divine coarse chicken liver pate for Christmas Eve, and we'd munch on that with wholegrain crackers while decorating the tree. Bowls of nuts in the shell would occupy Sis and me for ages, and smarties and Quality Street chocolates would be around too. And mince pies, of course.

On Christmas Day we'd open presents in the morning, then for Christmas Day lunch there would be just Mom, Dad, Sis and me with a spread of cold meats and salads, and then we'd spend the rest of the day in and around the pool. On Boxing Day we'd invite friends and family around for a pool party and barbeque which was always tremendous fun. It was perfect - I can't remember any Christmas being stressful.

A lot of South Africans (and Aussies for that matter) do the traditional hot roast lunch on Christmas Day and it's dreadful. Who wants to eat hot turkey and gammon when it's boiling? My ex, Mountain Man's family is into that. 3 generations would gather indoors to bicker while the cook stressed out in a ridiculously hot kitchen, then we'd sit down to a mountain of food you'd never dream of eating on a hot day normally. Ghastly.

I'm having a lot of trouble getting into the Christmas spirit - the people I really want to be with are half a planet away. *sigh*

In a while I am going to sneak out of the office, find the last two presents on my list and hit the supermarket for a range of our favourite festive foods for tonight and after Christmas. On Christmas Day itself we are gathering with 3 other couples, and we're bringing the prawns and oysters. Someone else is bringing the ham.

What are your favourite Christmas foods?

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Suzanne said...

It makes sense in a warm climate to go with barbequed and cold foods.

We grew up in snowy areas. My Mom was an incredible cook, and loved to entertain, so Christmas dinner was a spectacular affair. Turkey when I was younger, but as we kids moved out and finances got better, we ended up with Prime Rib and Lobster tails.

We live in a warm region, yet I'm doing the roast Turkey. I don't care if I'm wearing shorts!

Happy Christmas!