Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New Years Resolutions?

In January I made my first list of New Years Resolutions ever. How did I do?

1. Buy a house. tick
2. Change jobs. tick
3. Start a family. I'm trying dammit!

1. Save more water - turn off the shower when I shave my legs. tick
2. Recycle more - rinse and recycle tins in addition to the paper, glass and plastic we already recycle. oops, been slipping on tins, they're such a pain to wash
3. Stop expecting Milord to propose - it's making me cranky. married since, woohoo! tick
4. Attempt to live on one salary so that when the babies come it won't be such a shock. not a hope in hell!

So, a new list for the New Year...

1. Finish renovating the house.
2. Start a family. if this is still on the list in December 2009 I'll scream!
3. Pay off the credit card.

1. Save more water - catch "pre-hot" cold water in a bucket in the shower and kitchen and use it to flush the loo and water the garden.
2. Recycle more - tins again.
3. Telephone my friends - the ones with kids (most of them) are too busy for email and I'm losing touch.
4. Do at least one sketch per month.
5. Rediscover another hobby - maybe jigsaws or crosswords - to activate my brain.
6. Stop correcting Milord's English when it doesn't matter.

I may add to this over the rest of December... what are your resolutions, and how did you do on last year's?

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