Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Today I was sitting at my desk on the 25th floor. It was a lovely day outside, with sunny blue skies over the city. From the corner of my eye I saw something white floast fast my window...

"Gee, that plastic bag is high."

A few minutes later it went by again. And then again.

"Weird. How can that same bag keep passing my window? Am the eye of a whirlwind? Is it tethered? Are there more than one?"

Other people started to notice and we gathered against the glass.

"They're plastic! It's some kind of advertising! That's terrible, how can they pollute the sky like that!?"

"How can plastic float so high?"

"I think they're some kind of soap thingy..."

So I went and googled "soap float" and got flogos - floating logos made of compressed soap bubbles. I went for a walk down the street and found the source: some environmental group swapping eco-cleaner for usual cleaners. (So I suppose the flogos are eco friendly or else that's a very mixed message!)

This is a flogo just rising out of the machine that makes them. A new one popped out ever 15 seconds.

You can't quite see it, but the flogo is a circle with a lower case "m" in the middle. I can't remember the eco-cleaner's name but this was their logo.

Interesting! I wonder who first thought that one up...

There were also these people with cricket ball hats doing something... must be my day for seeing odd things!

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