Thursday, 18 December 2008

Random Chatter

This post over at Loralee's Loony Tunes describes precisely what I went through with my first and only Brazillian Wax. Read, laugh, cry, and feel your girly bits trying to crawl further inside you! (Dad, you may want to skip this one!) The even worse part for me was that Milord found my pre-pubescent nethers a complete turn-OFF and wouldn't come near me until I looked like a grown up again!!! (I'd done it as a birthday present to him... epic fail)

I have great news - I have talked the Bank into letting me come to work for the two weeks over Christmas and New Years! I'm a contractor and if I don't work I don't get paid, so being unable to work would have cost us close to $1500 - we're very chuffed. I've just been on holiday and I have a long one coming up in Feb, so I don't need a break right now anyway.

In sheer coincidence we've just ordered a security mesh screen door and window covers, which will cost about $1500. Huh. I hope we get them soon, as on hot days having the front door open creates a lovely breeze through the house, but I'm not comfortable having the front door open with no barrier. (Every South African reading this just said "You do WHAT?! Are you INSANE?!")

So we've ordered this stuff for the front door and two bedroom windows. It's kick-proof, cut-proof and pry-proof, and keeps flies and mozzies out - bonus! Expensive, but we'll be able to have the door and windows wide open 24/7 without having to worry. Milord really wanted an intercom/tv/buzzer lock too, but it won't work on the screen door and is pointless on a door behind a security door, so we're shelving that idea. I think he just wanted it as a gadget, because it's not like the house is huge!

Our teenie living Christmas tree is up and decorated in the living room. I'll take a photo when I've wrapped some presents, which will be over the weekend I suppose. We are adhering to a strict budget this year, which actually means that I've done all the choosing... Milord gets carried away when he's left to shop alone. Actually it was nice to pick my pressies and I can't wait to "get" them! For friends we've only got gifts for the people with whom we are spending Xmas Day, and they are all getting wine and chocolate. We've hinted strongly that we'd like the same in return, so here's hoping! I don't care if it's "impersonal" - I'd prefer it to "personalised" crap that I will quietly hide/bin/donate to charity.

I'm moving desks again tomorrow, but staying on the same floor. I think I'm changing projects too, but there is a certain lack of communication so I'm not sure... whateverrr. I was at a company do the other day and one of the BA's told me (after a few drinks) that I was a cherished trouble-shooter and the various teams squabble over who gets me. I get moved around so much that it could be true... either that or else they're continually trying to get rid of me! Nice to hear anyway. *pats self on back*

The diet, gym and walking home have slipped badly this month... I'm just not in the mood. December is such a tough month to be "good". When Milord and I are home for a weekday evening we've been sticking to celery and tomato juice (with vodka, and with wine on the side heh heh) which is helping a little! I just went to look at my graphs - we're both the same weight we were this time last year - oops. We lost all that weight for the wedding and now it's back on... ok that settles it, I'm off to the gym!

Update: I ended up in the pub with Milord instead, and picked up a HUGE warm fresh chicken wrap on the way back to the office. oops

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Suzanne said...

Yes, Loralee's post was a hoot!

BTW, I love your idea of gifts, as wine and chocolate can't be beat.

Congrats on getting the two week's work and I'll pat you on the back across a continent AND an ocean. You're awesome! :)