Monday, 15 December 2008

Weekend at the beach

This past weekend we were invited to a Saturday night barbeque at the home of friends of Milord. They live close to two hours away from us, in an area on the fringes of Sydney known as the “Northern Beaches” because, well, it’s coastal with beaches and to the north! The logistics of getting to and from the venue were a bit insane (unless one of us didn’t drink… hah!). We half hoped they’d ask us to stay over even though the fact that they have an infant was a bit off putting, but it didn’t happen.

So I thought – we’ll have a mini holiday at the beach! I found us accommodation within walking distance of our friend’s place, and started making plans for walking on the beach, swimming in the sea, and just getting out of the city and our half-renovated house for a bit and doing something different. I read up on the area’s restaurants and markets and walking tracks and was quite excited!

The weather for most of last week was ghastly. Rain, rain and more rain, and on Friday it was particularly bad! We left work early anyway and got into our accommodation at about 4:30pm. We had a dinner reservation at a nearby restaurant, and luckily for us they have a free shuttle service! I’d planned to walk there, but instead we shared a bottle of wine in our room and listened to the rain pounding down and the trees thrashing about until the minivan turned up. Dinner was lovely – we shared a seafood platter and watched the rain lashing the sea through the large windows overlooking the beach. Then back to the accommodation where we snuggled under the covers and listened to the storm.

On Saturday morning it was still raining, so we stayed in bed and read our books and had bacon and egg sandwiches with champagne. It was all very decadent! By midday the rain blew away, the sky was blue and our room was getting a bit warm. I finished my book, yawned, stretched and patted Milord on the knee saying “C’mon, let’s go for a walk.”

He freaked out. “You tell people that I never read, and now just because you’ve finished your book you make me stop reading mine!” I was shocked. Where had that come from? I had thought we were in a wonderful mood, not itching for a fight! So I stomped out in a huff and went for a drive. It was a glorious afternoon, although a bit humid after all the rain. I drove through tropical suburbs, past orange beaches (the beaches in that part of the coast are orange, because it’s all orange sandstone around there, wierd), along a winding road following cliff edges, and ended up in a parking lot looking out at sail boats and windsurfers enjoying the breeze and the water. I wound the windows down and stayed there for a little while, then turned around and drove back to where we were staying.

We sorted our nonsense out… he apparently didn’t really mean to have a go at me but he was loving his book and didn’t want to put it down – I wish he’d just said that! So we got a newspaper and nibbles and wine and blobbed in the hot room until it was time to go to our friend’s place.

The rest of the weekend was meh, and I never got my mojo back. Bloody men.